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La tecnología se abre paso en el agua, con la efi-ciente potencia Mercury de sus motores marinos y sistemas computarizados de alta precisión."Navegar nunca había sido tan excitante!" . Todos los motores Mercury, están diseñados utilizando la más alta tecnología disponible, con rigurosos procesos de control de calidad que han sentado precedente en la industria marina, convirtiéndose en pionero tras 60 años de innovaciones y desarrollos que se integraron como estándares de la industria marina.

En todas las actividades marinas, de recreación, placer, pesca o competencias de alto desempeño, Mercury es sinónimo de FIABILIDAD, CALIDAD, TECNOLOGÍA Y DIVERSIDAD.

Mariner’s unrivalled reputation for reliability and durability has been built on the enjoyable experience of thousands of Mariner owners down the years. Whether at work or at play on the water, they know they can depend on Mariner. Leadership at Mariner not only concerns quality. It is also about choice.

Choose from three technologies. The whispering four-strokes from 4HP through to the brand new 225HP include a series of EFI models. All are clean, quiet, smoke-free and miserly on fuel.

Alternatively, experience the breathtaking acceleration and superior top speed of a direct injection Mariner OptiMax. And Mariner two-strokes, electronic fuel injection and carburetor induction versions, are the most sophisticated in their class.

Norpro has had many notable achievements since its inception in 1986. Norpro continues to develop and distribute new products, which allow it to appeal to an ever growing customer base. Norpro manufactures a full line of alternative fuel based generators using Nissan and General Motors power plants. Norpro builds portable power generators, industrial and marine pumps along with natural gas standby power units.

In 2002 Norpro has developed sound attenuation devices (sound shields) for its line of marine generators, which allows the quietest generator operation in the marine industry. At the 2003 Miami Boat Show Norpro introduced its newest line of generators powered by the popular Yanmar series of diesel engines. These units are ultra light, ultra quiet, compact and feature the latest technological innovations and features.

Research and design efforts are ongoing, the purpose of which is to allow Norpro to maintain its lead in technology, price and customer satisfaction.